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(out of print books list updated 23 Novemebr 2012)

Book Code


Song Book Title Floppy Compatibility Grade
GTE745800 out of print 12 Girls Band - Beautiful Energy 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3


out of print 12 Girls Band 2- Shining Energy 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE744810 out of print Beatles Volume 1 - 1967-1970 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 7~6
GTE744820 out of print Beatles Volume 2 - 1962- 1966 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 7~6
GTE741530 out of print Beatles Volume 1 - 1967- 1970 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741590 out of print Beatles Volume 2 - 1962- 1966 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE745880 out of print

Billy Joel

900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5-3
GTE641060 out of print Carpenters   90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE641150 out of print Celine Dion 90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE742560 out of print Chemsitry 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741570 out of print Coba 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE641160 out of print David Foster  900/700/500/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3


out of print

Earth Wind & Fire

900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE641190 out of print Hikaru Utada 900/700/500/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741580 out of print Utada Hikaru - Distance 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE742520 out of print Utada Hikaru - Deep River 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741520 out of print Katsuhisa Hattori -"Ongaku-Batake" 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741600 out of print Masa Matsuda Collection 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87 5~3
GTE742590 out of print Naomi Yoshimura - my muse 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 6~5
GTE742530 out of print orange pekoe 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE742600 out of print PE'Z - KUGATSU No SOLA 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE745830 out of print


900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741560 out of print S.E.N.S. 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741020 out of print Southern All Stars 900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 7~6
GTE742540 out of print Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE742510  out of print Tropical Jazz Band 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741080 out of print T-Square   900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 7~6

out of print

T-Square 900m/900/900B/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE641070 out of print Whitney Houston    90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3
GTE741540 out of print Yukio Nakamura - Harvest 900m/900/700/500/400/200/90/87/70/57/50/37 5~3


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