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How to Assemble an EL model Electone
to take it apart do everything in reverse)

1. Pass the Power Cord through the Pedalboard Unit and secure it by the clamp

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Stand the Pedalboard Unit up as shown in Fig.1. 
Pass the Power Cord (the end with the plug for the AC inlet) through the hole at the lower right  of the Pedalboard Unit. 

As shown in Fig.2, secure the Power Cord by fitting the front Cord Clamp against the Cord section covered with white tape. Also secure the Power Cord using the other Cord Clamp.                                       

2. Fix the Side Boards to the Pedalboard Unit


Fit the Side Boards against the Pedalboard Unit as shown in Fig 3.  
Secure the Side Boards by tightening the six screws (long).
(After first turning the screws slightly by hand, fix the screws  by securely tightening them with a Philips screwdriver.)

Be careful not to drop any screws into the Pedalboard Unit.  
Transporting your assembled Electone by truck or other means may cause the screws to become loose. After transport, always check that all screws are properly tightened, including the screws shown in Figs. 6, 9 and 10.   

3. Insert the two Cords into their grooves,  then attach their Cord Covers.


Detach the Cord Covers attached to the Side Boards
As shown in Fig.4, insert the two Cords (the Power Cord and the Pedalboard cord) into the grooves of the Side Boards. (insert the rail of the Cord Covers into the rail of the grooves.)                                  

Slide each Cord Cover as far down as possible along its groove.

4. Speaker Unit & Cords


Starting from the back of the assembled stand, slide the speaker unit in place along the brackets, keeping  both cords (the power cord and the cord from the Pedalboard) down from the top of the cord covers.

5. Cords


Mount the speaker unit onto the top of the sideboards with the four medium-sized screws.
(Since the screws have been specialty machined,they may fit quite tightly.)

Fasten the four short screws to the back of the speaker unit and cover each screw with the four screw caps.

6. Cords


Drape the three cords (the power cord, the cord from the Pedalboard and the cord from the speaker) in front of the speaker unit.

7. Fit Keyboard


Carefully fit the keyboard into the sideboards, taking care not to pinch your fingers.

8. Keyboard


Secure the keyboard by fastening the four remaining short screws.

9. Speaker & Pedalboard cords


Connect the chords as shown in the picture on the right.

10. Speaker Grill


Finally, attach the grill net to the speaker unit. Align the three tabs on the grill net to the slots on the speaker unit, and secure the net with the velcro tape.

11.  Assembling the Bench


Turn the bench upside down and place it on the floor.
Attach the legs to the bottom of the bench, insert the spring washers and tighten the bolts with a wrench.

Note: when the bench has bean used for an extended period, these  bolts may become loose.
As a safety precaution, tighten the bolts  when necessary.

12. Top Cover


If anything falls into the gap between the Cover and the Manual  Keyboard Unit, remove the two screws that secure the roof of the Manual Keyboard Unit, lift of the roof (covering), then remove the fallen object.

More details...
If a pencil or other small object falls into this gap, lift off the roof (covering as mentioned above),  use a screwdriver to remove the four screws of the Frame beneath,  then open up the Frame and remove the fallen object.

Included Parts


Shown in the picture on the right are all the items that should be included in your package.

If you are going to take the Electone apart make sure you keep all of the small parts in a safe place (put them into a container of some sort.