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The Best of Hiroshi K. - Yellow Spirits


CD Code:

PCCR-00310 (Pony Canyon)

Purchased from:

Yamaha Ginza Japan

Matching Electone Book:

The Best of Hiroshi K.- Yellow Spirits GTE647660

Song Contents:
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Disk 1
Gali De Party - Groove That Soul Mix

You Say You Love Me
Take it to the Limit
5000 Watt Power
Jamacian in New York
I'll Always Be
For Herbie
Check it Out
Think Value
Real in D
Can't Get Over You

Disk 2 - 1/2 size CD
Gala Medley - Special Edition

The Electric Future
-Fine Weather
-Falling in Love with each other
-One's Heart
-True Love

-Flying through the night
-Won De
-Camp Beetle
-China junk


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