Do I live near Sydney or Adelaide?      No I don't.....

This is the first place people think of when talking about Australia
The yellow dots on the map show you
where Mount Gambier and Sydney and Adelaide are located

Picture of the Sydney Opera House

 Picture of Adelaide

I live in a city called Mount Gambier in South Australia, Sydney is across the other side of Australia in the state of New South Wales. (The Olympic games were held in Sydney) and Adelaide is  further up in South Australia.

How far?

Sydney is 1412 kilometers (876 miles) from Mount Gambier which would take a couple of days to get there if I drove my car there. It takes around 2 1/2 hours to fly there.
It also takes around 5 hours to drive the 436 kilometers to Adelaide.

my car (the green one)
Picture of my Car 


A little bit of Information about Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is a thriving city set in a unique and ancient landscape of volcanic craters, lakes, limestone and mysterious underground waterways. Situated between Adelaide and Melbourne it makes the ideal stopover for those travelling to and from The Great Ocean Road or the Grampians and the perfect destination for the extended stay to enjoy the natural and cultural beauty of the surrounding region, the caves and sinkholes, coastline, rivers, lakes and wineries.

Mount Gambier…Blue Lake City

The Blue Lake, the source of water supply for the city and surrounds is just one of the lakes within the three craters of the extinct volcano.

Each year in November, it mysteriously starts its colour change to the unbelievable turquoise blue. From March each year it gradually makes the change back to its more sombre winter blue which is still a magnificent sight.

The crater lakes area offers many holiday and recreational experiences with its walking trails, picnic and BBQ facilities, Wildlife Park and Boardwalk, 18 hole golf links and tours to the surface of the Blue Lake.

Today, historical sites remain to remind us of the significance of this area and its contribution to the development of the city.

Picture of our World Famous Blue Lake
which just sits above the city ofMount Gambier
(where I Live)










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