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Name: Mr. Alex Payler
Date and Place of Birth: 21st September 1980
Country of Residence United Kingdom
Biography: Music teacher/performer.
I started playing keyboards at the age of  7.
Have had the following organs - Yamaha HS-6, HS-8, HX-1, EL-90, EL-900.
I travel the length and breadth of the country performing on Electone to various Organ Clubs and large festivals.  
I also teach Organ, Piano and Keyboards to over 35 private students from 6 to 85 years of age.  
I love the Electone.  Its live potential and sheer versatility amazes me.  I would love to meet more Electone players, especially my age.
Current Recordings:

Sensational, played on YAMAHA EL-90.

The Sky's The Limit, played on YAMAHA EL-900.

Click on the link below to download any performance files, when you have finished downloading them, put a floppy disk into your disk drive and simply double click on the file. The file will extract itself to your floppy

Performed on a Yamaha EL 900 
John Williams 1941 March

Glenn's Comments:
Very cool performance

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