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Name: Mr.Bradley Eustace
Date and Place of Birth: 12th July 1978 in Cairns Australia
Country of Residence Brisbane, Australia
Biography: Music teacher/performer/software developer.
I started playing Electone at the age of 8.
Have had the following organs - Yamaha FX-20, HX-1, HS-6, HS-8, HE-8, and now EL-90.
A few years ago I published a couple of 200 page books on using the HS and HX organs with

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Current Recordings: Coming soon.
Click on the link below to download any performance files, when you have finished downloading them, put a floppy disk into your disk drive and simply double click on the file. The file will extract itself to your floppy

Bradley's arrangement of the Flight of the Bumble Bee
(Bumble Bee Wipeout! on EL-90!)
Bumble Bee
Photo borrowed from Brad's website
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