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updated:11th November 2009

Name: Mr. Manuel David Bordón Cabrera
Country of Residence Spain- Canary Islands-Tenerife
Occupation: University Student

My name is David, and I´m an electone player of Tenerife
(Tenerife is the biggest island of the Canary Islands archipielago) Spain.
I like a lot the electone world ( the new electones, concerts, demonstrations, last news...ALL! hahaha!

I have a YAMAHA ELECTONE STAGEA ELS-01C, the best electronic organ that Yamaha has never made.
Is fantastic discover there are a lot of electone players around the world, I like a lot meet people from other countries, because I think we can learn a lot different methods to learn electone, make new friends...
Regards from Tenerife,

REMEMBER ALL! : The electone is the only star that shine in the middle of the darkness, and this star can guide you to the happiness! (own creation)

Current Recordings: n/a  
Website: n/a


Model use for Performance: STAGEA ELS-01C
Dreams on Zeppellin DEMO.mp3  (1.08MB) (0:43 secs)
Tribute of Mykonos (Rise Up) MUESTRA DEMO.mp3  (1.76mb) (1:05)


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