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updated: 20 August 2005

Name: Mr. Robert Karasek
Date and Place of Birth: I was born on 31st October 1981 in Aschaffenburg, Germany. 
Country of Residence My country of residence is still Germany
Awards: Pro Keyboardist
[Musical Director, SoundDesign, Synth Programming, Producer]

Senior Category Organ Solo
3rd National Award Winner & 4th International Award Winner

Senior Category Organ Solo
1st National Award Winner  &  1st International Award Winner 
[additionaly: specially  honored for  "Outstanding Performance 1999"]

Senior Category Combo
1st National Award Winner  &  1st International Award Winner
2nd National Award Winner  & 2nd  International Award Winner

Senior Category Organ Solo
National Award Winner  &  International Award Winner
[add.: specially  honoured for "Outstanding Performance 2000"]

Hans Seidel Stiftung 2004
Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis 2004 (Category "WorldMusic)

Current Recordings: n/a

Click on the link below to download any performance files, when you have finished downloading them, put a floppy disk into your disk drive and simply double click on the file. The file will extract itself to your floppy

Track 1 I got it from a friend (? not sure of the name)
Track 2 Deep Purple
Track 3 People
Track 4 Prism
Track 5 Sprookje

Robert is 2nd from the Left

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