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Name: Ms. Janet Dowsett 
Date and Place of Birth: 4th December 1962, Slough, England
Country of Residence England
Biography: I’ve been playing the Yamaha Electone professionally since 1981, initially joining Yamaha Music UK Ltd as a demonstrator (remember when the D85 was the best instrument ever!), and then going freelance in 1992. I currently play the EL900 which I reckon is the most superb, realistic and all-consuming instrument.

I was trained classically as well as in the modern idioms, and so can play church and theatre organs as well. (I was voted Patron of the Theatre Organ Club of Great Britain for the year 2000). My main love is orchestral music, big band, and anything where the sound wraps round you and the arrangement is tasteful.

Presently I play around 80 concerts a year in the UK, occasionally abroad as well. The rest of my working life is spent teaching organ and keyboard, examining for the London College Of Music, writing exam syllabuses, writing articles for magazines such as the Yamaha Club Interactive Magazine, and running my website which sells music books all over the world.

Privately I enjoy working out at the gym, playing the occasional game of golf, riding my motorbike, and visiting my holiday home in France, along with my husband Neil, who is also in the music business.

Current Recordings: I have 4 CD’s and cassettes available – ‘Kaleidoscope’, ‘Encore’ and ‘A Whole New World’ made on the EL90 and ‘Hot Points’ made on the EL900. All are available from my website.


Hot Points


A Whole New World

Click on the link below to download any performance files, when you have finished downloading them, put a floppy disk into your disk drive and simply double click on the file. The file will extract itself to your floppy

1. Corner Pocket by Freddie Green for Count Basie
2. A Whole New World
Many thanks to Janet for generously sending her performance files for us to enjoy

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Ms. Janet Dowsett 

Ms. Janet Dowsett 

Glenn's Comments:
I have one of Janet's CD's and it is simply wonderful, do yourself a favour and buy them

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