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Falsetto - A high, light, artificial voice used to sing notes that are above the normal register.

Fantasy, Fantasia, Fantaisie - A piece in freestyle and form.

fermata - pause or hold the note for longer than it's written value

ferinato - firmly, resolutely

festivo - merry

fine - the end

Fifth - The interval of five diatonic degrees.

Flats - An accidental that lowers a given pitch by one half-step. See also key signature.

Form - The design or structure of a musical composition

forte - loud

forte-piano - loud, then immediately soft

forte possibile - as loud as possible fff

fortissimo - very loud ff

forzando forced - usually on one note or chord

forzato forced - usually on one note or chord

Fourth - The interval of four diatonic degrees.

Fugue - A contrapuntal piece, in which two or more parts are built or "layered" on a recurring subject that is intriduced alone, and followed by an answer, which is the subject (or theme) at a different pitch, usually the fifth.


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