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G Clef - A clef that indicates which line represents G on a staff

galante - boldly, gallantly

giocoso humourously - in a joking manner

Giubilante - Exultant, jubilant

glissando - in a gliding manner, connectively , fluid and flowing

Grace Note - A note, or notes that are played quickly, usually before the beat.

grandiose - grand, noble

Grand Staff - The combination of a staff line notated in treble clef with one notated in bass clef. Used primarily in scoring for piano, and other keyboard instruments

grave - extremely slow and solemn

grazioso - in a graceful style

Gregorian Chant - A body of chants of the Roman Catholic Church, most of which are part of two liturgical rites, the Mass and the Offices. Origins traditionally are ascribed to the period of Pope Gregory I (590-604).

gusto - taste, expression

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