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imperioso - pompous

Impressionism - A stylistic period of composition that sought to put to music only the most immediate, direct impressions, upon the composer, of a given subject. Impressionism avoided traditional harmony of thirds, employing more often quartal or quintal tonality.

Impromptu - A short, improvisational-sounding piece.

Improvisatio - Spontanious Composition. The performance of music that is composed on the spur-of-the moment by the performer, usually as a solo, or cadenza. Also used extensively in jazz.

Incidental Music -Short musical segments that accompany, or highlight dramatic moments in, a play, or other stage work.

inconsolato - in a mournful style

Interlude - Short music used to bridge the acts of a play, or the verses of a hymn.

Interval - The distance between two notes, interms of occilations per second.
The difference in one half-step is about 35 beats per second.

Introduction - The preparatory section, movement, or phrase of a musical work.

intrepidamente -boldly

Instrumentatio - The art of composing, orchestrating or arranging works for an instrumental ensemble.

Inversion - The different forms that a chord may take by changing the chord member that is the bass of the chord.

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