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obbligato - indispensable

Octave - An interval eight diatonic scale degrees above it. Two notes an octave apart have the same letter name

Open Fifth - A triad that does not contain a third, consisting only of a root and a fifth.

Opus - "Work". With a number, used to show the order in which the works by a given composer were written or published. Opus numbers are most often used for composers who catalogued their own works.

Ornament - A melodic embellishment, either written or improvised. Types of ornaments included trills, turns, mordents, and grace notes.

ossia - otherwise, or else

ostinato - continuous, unceasing

ottava - an octave, an eighth

ottava alta - the octave higher

ottava bassa - the octave lower

Overture - The introductory music for an opera, ballet, or oratorio.

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