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Glenn G Bonney

65 (as of 2023)   (5th Nov ) for those who like sending birthday greetings (so how come you didn't send me one eh?)

Job: Music Teacher. I am an Accredited Yamaha Electone Teacher, I teach the Electronic Organ and the Piano, I own my own music school, I teach the Electone (organ) using the Yamaha Electone Course (Australian version) and Alfreds Piano Method for all of my piano students.

Favourite character:

for more reasons than one. (see if you can figure it out, it happens to be my middle name. see above)

Favourite Colour:

Favourite Electone Artiste's:
The fabulous Masa Matduda, Max Takano, Mr. Hector Olivera, Alex Payler, Yasuyuki Kasori, Hiroshi Kubota and Yoshihiro Andoh.

Favourite sayings:
That was nice, but do it again! and " I'll think about It "

Favourite TV shows:
Star Trek Picture/ Stargate Universe / Andromeda/Angel

playing the piano and electone.

Latest achievements:

My Yamaha FX20 Electone


C2s Silent Grand

This is my YAMAHA EL900
Photo Courtesy of YAMAHA AUSTRALIA.

This is my YAMAHA C2S Silent Grand Piano
Photo Courtesy of YAMAHA AUSTRALIA.

For those people who keep asking me where I live,
I live in a city called Mount Gambier in South Australia...yes that's in Australia

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