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Masashi Takano - Max To The Max!


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Max to the Max  (stagea users only, does not come with any disks for EL users)

 Song Contents:

 With Very special thanks to Chisato for translating this into English.

1. Tuning 

2.ポロネーズ第6番「英雄」 作曲者:F.F.Chopin
Polonaise NO.6 "HEROIQUE" Op.53
Composer : F.F. Chopin

3 となりのトトロ /井上 あずみ 作詞者:宮崎 駿 作曲者:久石 譲
Main Theme of Totoro
Singer : Ms. Azumi Inoue
Songwirter : Mr. Hayao Miyazaki
Composer : Mr. Yuzuru Hisaishi

*Totoro is one of the most popular Japanese Animation films/movies.

4 士官候補生 作曲者:Sousa
High School Cadets
Composer : Sousa John Philip

5 ボヘミアン·ラプソディ ドラマ「プライド」挿入歌 /QUEEN
作詞者:Freddie Mercury 作曲者:Freddie Mercury
Bohemian Rhapsody
Singer : QUEEN
Songwriter & Composer : Freddie Mercury
*This song is used in Japanese popular TV drama "PRIDE=プライド"

6. Star Wars Medley

7 ひょっこりひょうたん島 作詞者:井上 ひさし/山元 護久 作曲者:宇野 誠一郎
Hyokkori Hyohtan Island
Songwriter : Mr. Hisashi Inoue & Gohisa Yamamoto
Composer : Mr. Seiichiro Uno

*Hyokkori Hyohtan Island is Japanese TV NHK puppet show in 1960's - 1970's, and this TV program has been performed again on TV these days.

8 シャイニー·ストッキングス /Count Basie 作曲者:Frank Fosster
Shiny Stocking
Composer : Count Basie
*Shiny Stocking of STAGEA version arranged by Daiju Kurasawa (Yamaha Electone Demonstrator/Winner of IEF1993) is an excellent one as well as Max Takano's.

9 マンテカ /Dizzy Gillespie
作曲者:Dizzy Gillespie/Walter G.Fuller/Luciano Pozo Gonzales
Composer : Dizzy Gillespie/Water G.Fuller/Luciano Pozo Gonzales

10. Mandara - Kumano Kodou Travelogue

11 ボレロ 作曲者:Ravel, Maurice (M.Ravel)
Composer : Ravel Maurice (M.Ravel)

12.威風堂々第1番 作曲者:エルガー
Pomp & Circumstance March NO. 1 D dur Op39-1
Composer : Edward Elgar


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