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Since Yamaha Japan is not exporting Electone books to Australia any more I will no longer be updating my book list as of 1st January 2016. Thank you to all who have visited.
(Any performance disks or Books still kindly accepted)





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Yamaha Ginza Webshop are no longer selling/shipping Electone books and instruments to overseas anymore.


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I sent an email to Yamaha Webshop 8th October 2013 asking if they will be sending books overseas again and this is the reply I received.
"We are very sorry we don't have any plan to start shipping to overseas again.
We apologize you we have no idea how to buy it. Please understand our situation". 



For those people who keep asking me where I live, I live in a city called Mount Gambier in South Australia...yes that's in Australia
(Please note: nearly all books are no longer
be available)

e-mail: glenn@ggbmusic.com

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