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How to order books/disks from Yamaha Japan. (YMM)

There are two way you can order books either by Email or by Fax

Order by Email

2nd January 2012
There is a problem ordering books using the email address shown below, I have contacted Yamaha Ginza I am waiting on an email to find out another email address that we can use to order books again.

Update: 4th January 2012  - This is a reply I got back from the Yamaha Ginza Webshop.
We don't ship any books and instruments out to overseas anymore.
We apologize not to help your order.
Please understand our situation.

orders can no longer be sent to  (DO NOT USE)

To order books: tell them the code number, title of the book and grade.
for example:
GTE1082623 Yoshihiro Andoh - Compositions  GR7-6

To order data disks or matching data disks for Stagea-El books you would tell them you would like the registration disk for the book you want.
example: registration disk only suitable for
GTE1082623 Yoshihiro Andoh - Compositions for EL900
(tell them the model of your Electone you want the registrations for).

Sending your order.
You have to pay by credit card, you must tell them what name is on the card, the number on the card and expiry date.
Writing your order is easy, for example you could write this..............


I would like to order some Books, here are my details and my credit card details
Tell them the following:

Your Name:your name goes here
email: your email address goes here
Your full address and contact details (this is where the books will be sent too)
telephone number (don't forget any country codes or area codes)
fax number: (they will want to know this if you order by fax so they can send you back a fax letting you know when your order is ready to be sent.)

name on card:(fill in the details here)
cardnumber: (fill in the details here)
expiry date(fill in the details here)
card type: (fill in the details here, e.g visa, bankcard, or whatever you have in your country)

I would like to order the following books please.  (just using these as an example)
GTE745610 Electone Ensemble Best Selection volume 2
GTE742780 Popular Volume 36 Pianism
GTE742800 Popular Volume 37 Wind Orchestra
GTD726090 Princess 

Stage-EL Book GTE01083086 Disney On Brass
+ Registration disk for EL900

Thank you.

Order by Fax

If you don't want to order by email you can order by Facsimile (fax)

The fax number is (your international code from your country to japan, then) 81335723794

so for example from Australia I would have to use this number 001181335723794

0011 is the country code to dial outside of australia, the 81 is the code for japan, 3 is the region code and last is their fax number.

Here are a few numbers I did for some countries

From the:
US: 01181335723794
UK: 0081335723794
Indonesia 001,00881335723794
France: 0081335723794
Netherlands: 0081335723794

This is how I  order all my books, I hope this helps you.


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